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2014 Scholarships Winners:
The “Judd Nelson Scholarship”
WINNER: John Myers
ALTERNATE 1: Drew Cash
ALTERNATE 2: David Westbrook

The “Floyd Daniel Scholarship”
WINNER: Barry Belyeu
ALTERNATE 2: Thomas Boucher

The “Stan Strickland Scholarship”
WINNER: Mike LaMarre
ALTERNATE 1: Lance Zeigler
ALTERNATE 2: Thomas Boucher

The “John C. Campbell Scholarship”
WINNER: Doug Kennedy
ALTERNATE 1: John Zeigler

ALL WINNERS NEED TO IDENTIFY THE CLASS THEY INTEND TO TAKE BEFORE June 15th or the scholarship will pass to the next alternate - if for some reason a winner cannot take their class, they will need to promptly inform the Secretary so that the scholarship may pass to the next alternate.

We look forward to their demonstrations of the skills they will learn!
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2014 Schedule
2014 Schedule
Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
All visitors are welcome to attend.

These locations can change during the year so please
review this listing and the EVENTS/CALENDAR prior to
each meeting date. Click Month to jump to event details

Month Day Location Demonstrator Forge Item
January 18 Mark Hopper Mark Hopper Candle Holder
February 15 Sean O'Shea's Shop Torch Mullins Bottle Opener
March 15 Ken Baker's Shop Greg Thompson Set of napkin rings
April 19 Jim Guy's Forge Lloyd Hendricks Vegetable chopper
May 17 Lloyd Hendricks Open Forge Cheese slicer
June 21 Tom Falkenberry's Cal Kohler Paper towel holder
July 19 Wayne Martens' Machiko Ichihara Door Knocker
August 16 High Museum of Art Michael Dillon Forge Tool
September 20 Pine Mountain Gold Museum Tom Sheets Coat rack/Key Holder
October 18 Phil Laudenslager's Forge Phil Laudenslager Trivet
November 15 Red Top Mountain TBD Candy Dish/Bowl
December 20 Zeigler's - Critter Ridge TBD Ornament/Stocking Hanger
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